The Holdstocks

Carol and Dick

Whether they are singing traditional ballads, songs of the sea, old time tavern songs, songs of the California gold rush, or contemporary songs of social significance, Carol Holdstock and Dick Holdstock are bound to please any audience that has the good fortune to see and hear them!
Dick and Carol have performed at festivals and folk music venues in England, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, the east coast of the United States, Texas, and their home state of California. Their CD, "Shanties and Sea Songs From Way Out West," with the backing of Nauticas, features an array of traditional songs from the west coast of North America and a smattering of contemporary songs in the tradition. They also have collaborated with the talented instrumentalist and singer Tom Murphey to produce an album called "San Francisco Sea Shanties and Sea Songs of California's Gold Rush."

Carol is a former actress who has sung in contemporary musical theater and several folk groups. Dick, in addition to his partnership with Carol, is the other half of the popular traditional British singing duet Holdstock & MacLeod who, with several CDs to their credit, continue to perform throughout the country.

Carol and Dick delight audiences with the unusual harmonies and arrangements of their varied material. Whether accompanying themselves with guitar, mandolin or autoharp, they get the stories of their songs across in a way that assures audience involvement. With lots of choruses, it doesn't take long for everyone to join in and sing along. During the performance, it's easy to envision yourself aboard ship, in an old tavern, or out in the gold fields of California! Whatever the theme, a good time is always had by all!